‘House That Johnny Built’ has a nice ring to it


Johnny Manziel would see his name on Kyle Field, if a Board of Regent has his way. (AP photo)

When we last saw Johnny Manziel, he was modeling new Cleveland Browns apparel at the NFL Draft.

He apparently made a lasting impression on at least one Texas A&M official.

Jim Schwertner, a member of the school’s Board of Regents, thinks the school’s stadium should be renamed “Kyle Field: The House that Johnny Built,” to honor Manziel.

Kyle Field is undergoing a $450 million renovation to increase capacity to 102,500.

“The last person that we all need to thank, and I’m very serious about this, is Johnny Manziel,” Schwertner told Statesman.com. “The stars came together, and we talked about this project for a long, long time. None of us were sure how quick we could pay for this project. Because of a young man by the name of Johnny Manziel, we were able to raise all of the money in two months.

“My vision is that someday I hope the Aggie Nation will come together and decide that we can revise the name of Kyle Field to ‘Kyle Field – The House That Johnny Built.’ ”

It initially appeared that Manziel would benefit from the stadium’s potential name change.

His family and the family of friend Nate Fitch filed paperwork to trademark “The House That Johnny Built,” but ESPN.com reported this week that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office denied those moves.

Oh well.

Manziel will do just fine financially as the Browns’ first-round pick, so he’ll be able to flash his money sign for years to come.



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