New national championship trophy is sleek, shiny

Here is the new college football national championship trophy.

Here is the new college football national championship trophy.

Say bye to the crystal football.

College football’s new national championship trophy looks like a priceless vase mixed with an Olympic torch. It’s sleek, is made of 24-karat gold, bronze and stainless steel and “features a focused football at the center of the base that rises to form an actual-size ball,” according to its release.

The new trophy, which had its coming-out party on Monday, coincides with the new college football playoff and the end of the BCS. It replaces that awkward trophy that looked like a piece of furniture with a football sticking out of the top.

Here are some details:

Manufacturer: Handcrafted by Polich Tallix, Rock Tavern, N.Y.

Height: 26.5 inches

Top weight: 35 pounds

Total weight (with bronze base): 65 pounds

Base height: 12 inches

The trophy can be removed from the base, which will be easier for the winning players and coaches to hoist over their heads.

“The College Football Playoff marks the beginning of a new era and we are thrilled to present this iconic new national championship trophy,” College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock said in the release. “This fall, thousands of athletes will lace up, with the goal of winning it all. We look forward to seeing our champion hoist this one-of-a-kind piece of art which will represent the highest level of team achievement in college football.”

You can read more about the trophy and view videos here.

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