Bob Stoops doesn’t like Nick Saban calling Sugar Bowl a ‘consolation’

Bob Stoops and Nick Saban aren't exactly seeing eye-to-eye these days. (AP photo)

Bob Stoops and Nick Saban aren’t exactly seeing eye-to-eye these days. (AP photo)

These coaching spats are getting out of hand.

I just profiled the ongoing verbal battle between South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier and Clemson’s Dabo Swinney, and now Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops and Alabama’s Nick Saban are going at it.

One day after Saban called the last season’s Sugar Bowl a “consolation game,” Stoops answered told ESPN: “That’s a good one.”

“They didn’t look like it was a consolation game on that first drive when they scored a touchdown and everyone thought they were going to rout us. I’ve been in plenty of those (non-national title games). We’ve played in a bunch of national championship games, right? … So that means I’ve got a built-in excuse the next time we don’t play for a national championship?”

Saban, who made his comments at ESPN, is perhaps still upset at Oklahoma’s 45-31 victory over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

Stoops, who was at the Worldwide Leader on Wednesday, has long been critical of the SEC and its dominance.

“They said ‘the SEC this, the SEC that,’ I said, ‘You talk like all 14 teams are this, that and the other thing.’ I said, ‘You have to give credit to the first one or two that have won the national championship, but don’t act like they’re all doing that.’ The year I said that, the bottom half of the league was like 0-36 against the top half of the league. The bottom half of the league isn’t beating anybody. So they jumped on that I was getting on the bottom half of the league. Things circle and people only say what they want to hear. What I said wasn’t false. The bottom half wasn’t beating many people. That was my only point.”

Some have predicted that Alabama and Oklahoma will meet in the national championship game.

That would set the stage for another round of hostilities.

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