Jimbo Fisher: ACC had better year than SEC in 2013

FSU coach Jimbo Fisher said the ACC had a better year than the SEC in 2013. (AP photo)

FSU coach Jimbo Fisher said the ACC had a better year than the SEC in 2013. (AP photo)

The ACC was SEC-ond to none last season, according to Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher.

Fisher, who led the Seminoles to the national championship with a last-second win over Auburn said: “No conference has ever had as dominant a year as the ACC had last year.”

Fisher said that and other comments about his team, Jameis Winston and the two rival conferences during an interview with Fox Sports’ Bruce Feldman that aired on FOX Sports 1 on Tuesday night.

Comparing the ACC and SEC, Fisher said the ACC had more award winners, and then added this:

“Eleven (ACC) teams had winning records and went to bowl games. (The ACC) won the national championship, won another BCS game, and you look at the top 150 players (in the NFL draft), it’s ACC 32, SEC 26. We actually had better players. I think getting that marketed out is a critical thing, and I think it’s just a matter of knowledge and getting people educated.”

To double check:

There were 13 ACC players picked in the fourth round, which sent it to the front. Two more ACC players were taken before the 150th pick, which came in the fifth round, so Fisher’s math was off by two.

Ten SEC players were taken in the fifth round, to push it back in the lead.

As for a national championship repeat this year, Fisher said: “You’ve got to have that attitude of domination to be able go forward. From that standpoint, we’re not finished.We want to continue to have this feeling. We want to continue to play great football.”

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