Harvey Updyke behind on payments to Auburn

Harvey Updyke is way behind on his restitution payments to Auburn.  (AP photo)

Harvey Updyke is way behind on his restitution payments to Auburn. (AP photo)

No one expected Harvey Updyke to write a $800,000 check, right?

Well, it appears the man who poisoned Auburn’s beloved 130-year-old oaks in Toomer’s Corner, is behind on his payments.

He was ordered to pay $796,731.98 by Judge Jacob A. Walker III last November for the 2010 poisoning that caused the death of the oak trees, but Updyke has made only one $100 payment, $1 of which went to processing.

Which means he still owes $796,632.98 of the money to “offset the cost of removing and replacing the trees and affected soil as well as revenue lost because of their destruction,” AL.com reported.

Walker ordered Updyke to make monthly payments of $500, a figure his attorney later tried to change — unsuccessfully — to $50 a month.

Updyke is on five years of supervised probation after serving six months in prison for the crime, which took place after Auburn defeated Alabama in 2010.

He was banned from speaking to the media as part of his arrest and sentence, but is active on Twitter.

Updyke initially planned to appear in a dunk tank or pie throwing booth at a charity event scheduled for later this month, but then canceled after former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s mother, Dee Dee Bonner, and wife Katherine received death threats on social media, ESPN.com reported.

New oak trees are scheduled to be planted in early 2015 and will grow in a high-tech environment that will maximize their chances of living, the Auburn Plainsman reported.

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