Lane Kiffin’s mother ‘scared to death’ for her son

Lane Kiffin wore really cool sweatshirts during his one year as Tennessee's coach. (AP photo)

Lane Kiffin wore really cool sweatshirts during his one year as Tennessee’s coach. (AP photo)

Do you remember when Phil Fulmer was hit with a subpoena on a trip Alabama?

Well, now Lane Kiffin’s mother is fearing something might happen to her son when Alabama plays at Tennessee on Saturday.

Y’all know about Kiffin’s inglorious departure for Southern California after one year as coach of the Volunteers in 2009, which didn’t leave him in high regard with the fine folks of that state.

He’s already been dragged into a political battle between two candidates for the state legislature.

And a Knoxville barber says Kiffin still owes him for a $14 haircut.

And now, Kiffin’s mom Robin, is scared of what might happen to her son when the Crimson Tide’s first-year offensive coordinator is on the sideline at Tennessee (7:30 p.m., ESPN2).

“I’m scared to death for his safety,” Robin Kiffin told “Some people were visiting us last weekend from Tennessee and they said they better not let him on the sideline (where Kiffin coaches at Alabama), they should put him in the press box. I want him to be in the press box.”

She had several other things to say about her son in the article.

  • On why people are jealous of Kiffin: “Everyone is jealous of her son for ‘his success at such a young age and for having a beautiful wife.’ “
  • On his sense of humor: “I think he tries to be funny sometimes. The same thing happens to me. I’ll do something and Monte will say, ‘What in the world did you say that for?’ I say, ‘It’s funny.’ He’ll say, ‘No, it’s not.’ “
  • On how Lane acts on the sideline: “They said he wasn’t rowdy enough on the sideline and wasn’t Pete Carroll. Now at Alabama, Saban says that’s what he likes best about him, the calmness on the sideline. It’s like he can’t do anything right.”

There’s much more is in the article, which I encourage you to read.

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