Heisman Trophy win potentially worth $800,000

Tim Tebow's Heisman Trophy resulted in a lucrative shoe deal with Nike. (AP photo).

Tim Tebow’s Heisman Trophy resulted in a lucrative shoe deal with Nike. (AP photo).

Winning the little bronze man could mean a lot of green.

ESPN.com broke down how much winning a Heisman Trophy can be worth to the recipient, coming up with a figure of $800,000 over the course of a lifetime.

At a minimum.

Here’s the breakdown:

Autograph deal — $200,000-plus

The value of your autograph automatically increases once you win the Heisman. So too do the amount of people that will want your autograph for your entire life.

Public appearances and speeches — $200,000-plus

Much of this depends on how comfortable a Heisman winner is doing public appearances, but even those that don’t go on to NFL careers can clear $200,000.

Shoe deal — $400,000-plus

Nike, adidas and Under Armour have shown they are willing to pay plenty for a Heisman winner. Adidas paid Reggie Bush more than $1 million a year, Under Armour’s deal with Cam Newton hovered around that, as did Johnny Manziel’s endorsement with Nike. NFL potential does play a factor, but Nike paid Tim Tebow $300,000 a year to land him. Over a standard four-year deal, marketers say the Heisman adds $100,000 a year.

Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota, who won this year’s Heisman, might not earn as much as a player from another high-profile school, the article states.

“How much you can cash in also depends on the tradition and the alumni base of your college team.”

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