UAB, which abolished program, offers class on college football

UAB abolished its football program in December. (AP photo)

UAB abolished its football program in December. (AP photo)

So there’s something wrong about this.

UAB, which made the controversial decision to abolish its football program, is now offering a class on the history of college football.

The description of History of College Football (HY 290/390) says it will “explore the fascinating world of college football: the great teams, dynasties, coaches, players, pageantry, and the game’s great and enduring rivalries. More, we will explore the origins of the game, how it has developed historically, what the introduction of big money, advertising, and sponsorships have meant to the game.”

BTW, the class also will “delve into the seemier side of college football as well.” That includes: “recruitment scandals, grade-changing scandals, the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, injuries and the issue of players playing with injuries and the long-term effects of concussions and other injuries on players, rules violations, the role of the NCAA, crime among players and coaches and its cover-up, and the big-time business nature of college football in America,” according to the description.

There’s no mention if UAB’s recent decision will be included in the course material.

UAB became the first FBS program since Pacific in 1995 to shutter its football program.

A task force is “reevaluating the decision to kill football” at UAB.

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