This LSU fan has one of the best team-related tattoos

Leonard Fournette (AP photo)

Leonard Fournette (AP Photo)

Some SEC fans sing their school’s fight songs at their weddings, others wear logo-themed pajamas to tailgates, and some tattoo that very same pajama logo across their entire hand.

At least that’s exactly what this guy did five days ago.

Instagram user bombshellbeautyink was gracious enough to post the photo on Tuesday, and you have to wonder who exactly told this guy that getting the famous LSU “Tiger Eye” logo found at midfield of LSU’s Stadium inked across his left hand was a good idea.

Clearly, the artist wasn’t hesitant in the slightest to go through with this.

Katy Perry can joke all she wants that Tigers Stadium smells like corn dogs , but she can’t deny the length at which LSU fans will go to show their school pride.

By Chuck Kingsbury — Special to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

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