A new uniform color for Texas A&M?

The Aggies could go with black-colored uniforms in 2015. (AP)

The Aggies could go with black-colored uniforms in 2015. (AP)

Texas A&M has been hinting through social media that they’ll be unveiling black uniforms for the upcoming football season.

On Sunday, the Aggies’ sponsor, Adidas, tweeted this:

Then, today the Aggies tweeted this:

With these tweets, it’s easy for one to assume that, on Friday, Adidas and Texas A&M will announce they’re going with a black-colored jersey for some of the Aggies’ games moving forward. The move will surely boost jersey sales and create excitement amongst the fan base. From a marketing standpoint, it’s a good move.

However, from an on-the-field standpoint, the Aggies may want to be careful in how they decide to debut the jerseys. Georgia fans will recall the Bulldogs’ choice to wear black jerseys in their 2008 matchup against Alabama. But they took it a step too far and called for the game to be a “black out”, asking for fans to wear black along with the Bulldogs. Alabama didn’t take too kindly to that and took a 31-0 lead into halftime on the way to a trouncing of Georgia.

The Aggies play in the same SEC division as Alabama and will host the Crimson Tide on Oct. 17. Time will tell if the Aggies decide to go with black for that game, though if they do it would be wise they not announce it as arrogantly as Georgia did.

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