Alabama star interviews fans – fans don’t know who he is

Fans of Alabama football boast themselves as some of the most passionate in the country. Yet, when given a chance to meet an NFL-caliber Crimson Tide player, some didn’t even recognize him. Tide tight end O.J. Howard recently set out to interview Alabama fans around campus and give them an opportunity to interact with him. Here’s how it went:

Poor guy. Howard showed a few people his own picture during the interview – still, nothing. Others wanted to see improved offense. One fan said he’d like to see more from the tight end position, but couldn’t name one. Another said coach Nick Saban likes to use his tight ends to block for the running backs.

howardIt’s entirely possible Tide offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin doesn’t recognize him either. Despite being named one of the top five underclassmen tight end by ESPN’s Mel Kiper, Howard has been seldom used in the Tide’s offense. Last season as a sophomore, he only hauled in 17 passes for 260 yards and no touchdowns. As a freshman, he caught 14 passes for 269 yards at 2 touchdowns.

Maybe after this season more fans will be familiar with the name O.J. Howard.

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