ESPN’s Herbstreit shoots down ‘SEC bias’ theory on Twitter



ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit took to Twitter today to sound off against what he deems an unfair criticism of the self-proclaimed “Worldwide Leader in Sports”: the network’s coverage shows a bias toward the SEC. The “College Gameday” co-host posted eight Tweets – some responding directly to fans – defending the network.

As you can see, he makes some valid points.

Good for him to get all of that off his chest, I’m sure he feels better now. Ultimately, he’s right in everything he says. The SEC has definitively proven itself to to be the superior conference in college football, and as a result, fans of the clearly inferior conferences have resorted to whining and complaining that their conference is being neglected.

Granted, other conferences are starting to chip away at the SEC’s dominance, with the ACC’s Florida State sneaking in a national title in 2013 by riding the waves of a weak schedule and the abilities of Jameis Winston. And last season, the Big Ten’s Ohio State was able to sneak into the College Football Playoff amid controversy and questionable credentials to win a title.

So while the SEC’s title drought is two years old, it’s still by far the most dominant conference of recent history.  Other conferences are emerging as potential threats to dethrone the mighty SEC, but those conferences will have to hold the SEC down for many more seasons to claim superiority.

Until then, the SEC will continue to eat up media coverage, as it should. As Herbstreit – who, by the way, is an Ohio State alum – noted, the conference is home to the best college football in the country, bar none.

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