Former Auburn QB Cam Newton involved in fight at Panthers’ training camp

Cam Newton (AP Photo)

Cam Newton (AP Photo)

Former Auburn star Cam Newton was involved in a scuffle with defensive back Josh Norman at the Panthers’ training camp on Monday.

Usually franchise quarterbacks are the last to jump into a pile on the field, but that was not the case with the 6-5, 245-pound Newton who began shoving Norman after he intercepted one of the quarterback’s passes, according to The Charlotte Observer’s Jonathan Jones.

There aren’t many quarterbacks in the NFL who would be able to hold their own in a fight on the football field, but, in this case, Newton is probably the favorite. Put these two in a ring, and Norman is undoubtedly the underdog.

“Who wants to hit somebody?” is a common phrase heard during football practice, but Cam Newton seemed to buy into that message just a little too much.

If Cam is going to do this after every interception he throws, then each Panthers game suddenly becomes must-watch television.

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