Auburn to cash in on non-conference games through 2021

Auburn will receive $3.5 million to play Oregon in 2019. (AP)

Auburn will receive $3.5 million to play Oregon in 2019. (AP)

It’s tough enough playing football in one of the country’s top conferences in the SEC. Upping the ante with out of conference games increases the degree of difficulty for making it into the College Football Playoff. For Auburn, its out-of-conference games have been mapped out through 2021 and, thanks to the reporting of’s Brandon Marcello, we know not only who the Tigers are playing, but what they’re making.

It’s clear the reason why Auburn is taking on stiff, non-SEC competition that includes Clemson, Oregon, Cal and Louisville: It’s all about the money.

According to information from an open records request by Marcello, the Tigers will rake in more than $17 million for their out-of-conference games through 2021, including $3.2 million for their 2015 season opener against Louisville on Sept. 5 at the Georgia Dome.

They’ll also collect $3.5 million in 2019 when they open the season against Oregon at AT&T Stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys.

Those are substantial paydays for the Tigers, so regardless of whether they win or lose on the field, they’ll score a huge off-the-field win.

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