Watch SEC legend Tim Tebow score his first NFL TD in two years

Tim Tebow. (AP)

Tim Tebow. (AP)

Oh, Tim Tebow. Just when NFL fans probably thought they had heard the last of you when New England cut you in 2013, here you are acting like there’s hope you’ll resemble some sort of respectable pro quarterback.

From the NFL:

And then there was this:

Of course, we are talking about Tim Tebow, the Philippines-born sensation – one of the most polarizing football players the sport has ever laid eyes on. He could throw a Gatorade cup in the trashcan from 10 feet out and a highlight of that would go viral.

Just remember that it’s only a preseason game. Once the season kicks off, he’ll probably be on the bench and that’s if he even makes the roster. But for now, at least Florida fans can watch these preseason highlights with admiration, thinking back to the last time Florida was a powerhouse in the SEC. Tebow left the Gators with a Heisman Trophy and two BCS titles.

Like Florida, Tebow likely has a forgettable season ahead, but we can pretend otherwise for now because it’s still the preseason.

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