This coach graded game film even after he was fired

Will Muschamp received a $1.6 million deal to coordinate Auburn's defense. (AP photo)

Will Muschamp received a $1.6 million deal to coordinate Auburn’s defense. (AP photo)

Florida’s game film from last season wouldn’t receive many favorable reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

That didn’t keep Will Muschamp from grading the video from his last game as the Gators’ coach.

The thing is, he had already been fired.

It would seem his responsibilities would have ceased after Florida State’s win over Florida last Nov. 29.

Not so.

“I actually had to do my TV show. So next time I get fired, I’m negotiating out of the TV show. I’m not doing that,” Muschamp told SiriusXM College Sports Nation, as reported by “It’s funny. I went and graded all the film, offense, defense, special teams. I didn’t get home until about 4:30 Sunday afternoon. My wife said, ‘What are you doing? You graded the film. For who? You’re not coaching those guys anymore.’ I said, ‘It’s just what I do.’”

Muschamp wasn’t unemployed for long. Auburn snatched him up to be its defensive coordinator about two weeks later, but not before he and his family enjoyed their free time.

“We … went to the Dominican Republic, had a great time, relaxed. No one spoke English, so it was great,” he said. “No one complained about our offense or third down, so it was awesome.”

No word on the grades Muschamp gave his team after its final game.

Definitely something stricter than PG-13.

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