AP poll: SEC domination continues



There may be debate over whether or not the SEC is still the country’s most dominant football conference, but there’s no arguing its domination of the AP top 25 preseason poll.

In all, eight SEC teams are in the top 25 – more than any other conference – making up nearly one-third of the poll. Alabama is ranked highest at No. 3. No. 7 Auburn and No. 9 Georgia help to make up nearly one-third of the top 10.

The Pac-12, led by No. 7 Oregon, has six schools in the rankings, followed by the Big Ten (3), Big 12 (3), the ACC (3) and the Mountain West (Boise State). Notre Dame is independent.

So will a team from the SEC win the CFB Playoffs, again cementing the conference as the country’s best? A lot of the SEC teams will eliminate each other in head-to-head matchups, as they do every season. However, there’s a strong chance the SEC champion makes the playoff cut.

Which school that will be is anyone’s guess.

Below is the complete list.

1          Ohio State

2          TCU

3          Alabama

4          Baylor

5          Michigan State

6          Auburn

7          Oregon

8          USC

9          Georgia

10       Florida State

11       Notre Dame

12       Clemson

13       UCLA

14       LSU

15       Arizona State

16       Georgia Tech

17       Mississippi

18       Arkansas

19       Oklahoma

20       Wisconsin

21       Stanford

22       Arizona

23       Boise State

24       Missouri

25       Tennessee

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