A bold media prediction on Nick Saban’s future at Alabama

Nick Saban (AP)

Nick Saban (AP)

Apparently, 2015 could be Nick Saban’s last year at Alabama.

At least that’s according to FootballScoop.com’s Scott Roussel, who suggested Saban is allegedly “frustrated” and “miserable” in Tuscaloosa.

Here’s Roussel on the possibility of his departure:

“I can’t support it by reportable facts, and of course there is no pressure from the administration; but from folks in the profession, I keep hearing ‘Nick isn’t happy,’ (and) ‘Nick seems miserable,’ (and) ‘Nick is very frustrated,’ and I can foresee the very real possibility that Nick pulls the ripcord and ejects from Tuscaloosa after this season. Where that parachute will land, well, that has to play out, but I don’t suspect T-Town will be Nick’s final coaching stop.”

This is the last thing Alabama fans wanted to hear or speculate on, particularly after the Saban-to-Texas fiasco not too long ago.

Alabama hasn’t even named a starting quarterback for its season opener, and now there is discussion surrounding the possibility of not even having arguably the best coach in college football at the end of 2015.

This is going to cause quite a stir.


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