Gary Pinkel has a different scheduling philosophy than Steve Spurrier

Gary Pinkel is in favor of scheduling FCS opponents. (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Gary Pinkel is in favor of scheduling FCS opponents. (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

While a lot of coaches have focused on increasing their strength of schedule with the new College Football Playoff in place, Missouri coach Gary Pinkel implements more of an old-school approach.

Speaking on the SEC Teleconference on Wednesday, Pinkel voiced his opinion in favor of playing FCS schools, as documented by’s David Morrison.

“One thing is we’re playing in the SEC. Trust me, we play a lot of good football teams,” Pinkel said. “Number two is it’s still about college football. The payday they get — and, by the way, they win football games, too — in games like this tremendously helps their budget, which in turn helps college football. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing it. For that reason, if not any other one, it’s that right thing to do for football.”

Pinkel may have some good points, but his argument may not be as strong as it was a few years ago. Is a tough SEC schedule still enough to wow the College Football Playoff Selection Committee?

The Committee weighs strength of schedule heavily into which four teams will compete for the national championship. That’s led multiple teams to go after increased competition for their out-of-conference scheduling.

Missouri opens up its season with FCS opponent Southeast Missouri State, and also plays Arkansas State, Connecticut and BYU—none of which are viewed as must-see games.

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier expressed his disagreement with weak scheduling earlier in the week on The Paul Finebaum Show, as reported by the AJC.

“Every now and then when I listen in to your show, I know the SEC fans are a little upset at Ohio State’s schedule and rightfully so to tell you the truth,” Spurrier said. “But that’s just the way it is and how it works out for all of us.”

He also took a jab at Texas A&M.

“I remember several years ago, Texas A&M had four gimme games outside the conference, then eight conference games,” Spurrier said. “There’s four of us that have that in-state rivalry games from another conference. We’ve got a pretty tough schedule.”

Missouri didn’t come up in the conversation, but with Pinkel’s approach, there could be some Spurrier highlight quotes in the near future in the direction of the Tigers.  

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