Nick Saban says he should have won eight national championships

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

There aren’t many critics of Nick Saban out there.

The Alabama coach has won four national championships (three with Alabama), and he’s turned the Crimson Tide into a college football powerhouse that is in the discussion for a title every year.

Despite all of his success, at least one critic does exist — Nick Saban.

“We haven’t finished the season in the last two seasons like we’d like,” Saban said in an interview with ESPN’s Paul Finebaum. “People talk about you won four national championships. Well, I feel like we’ve had good enough teams to win eight. So I feel like we failed four times. I feel like I failed four times.”

Usually a coach would be satisfied with just one national championship in his career, but Saban takes being hard on yourself to a whole new level. Alabama’s season ended last year with a 42-35 loss to Ohio State — and that certainly has Saban eager to get the quest started for a fifth national title in 2015 against Wisconsin on Saturday.

But by the sounds of it, Saban will have plenty of time to keep going for every team’s ultimate goal. Saban told Finebaum that he plans on coaching for much, much longer.

“You know my mother had a hole-in-one when she was 80,” Saban told Finebaum. “I never had one. So I’m thinking I have 16 more good years of golf, and if I can play golf I should be able to coach.”

Alabama fans sure wouldn’t mind Saban sticking around for 16 more years, but I don’t know about the rest of the SEC.

If you would like to check out the entire interview you can view it here.

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