SEC power rankings: Week 1

Alabama put a hurting on Wisconsin in the opener. (AP photo)

Alabama put a hurting on Wisconsin in the opener. (AP photo)

By now you’ve seen the number, not that it matters too much.

SEC: 12

The world: 1

And one incomplete (see LSU).

And based on such a small sample size, here’s the first SEC Power Rankings, which will be a weekly feature throughout the season.

1. Texas A&M (1-0) — The most impressive SEC team of the week, which is why the Aggies are No. 1. They have the best receivers in the SEC in Josh Reynolds, Ricky Seals-Jones, Speedy Noil and freshman Christian Kirk. Oh, and Myles Garrett.

2. Alabama (1-0) — Who needs a QB when you have Derrick Henry and Kenyan Drake? Sit back and enjoy the show Jake Coker.

3. Georgia (1-0) — A typical Georgia win over a lesser opponent. Efficient, yet less than spectacular. The Bulldogs get another scrimmage at Vanderbilt on Saturday.

4. Auburn (1-0) — The Tigers looked great at times and awful other times. Jeremy Johnson is probably writing “I will not throw interceptions” about a million times on the meeting room whiteboard.

5. South Carolina (1-0) — Has the defense improved that much? It’ll be interesting to see what Kentucky can do against the Gamecocks.

6. Mississippi State (1-0) — Better late than never. Especially when you’re playing Southern Miss. This gets real Saturday when LSU comes to town.

7. Ole Miss (1-0) — So at least Ole Miss spread the wealth around. Ten — count them — 10 Rebels scored. Lightning should have stopped this one.

8. Tennessee (1-0) — The Volunteers are going to have to be a lot better defensively — especially in the secondary — against Oklahoma on Saturday.

9. Missouri (1-0) — Those pitiful rushing numbers (88 yards, 2.7 yards a carry) will have to improve. Maty Mauk isn’t good enough to carry the Tigers.

10. LSU (0-0) — Too bad about the cancellation. Quarterback Brandon Harris needs all the practice he can get.

11. Arkansas (1-0) — Will Brandon Allen throw for 308 yards every game? No way, but any help from him will open room for Alex Collins.

12. Florida (1-0) — The 61 points the Gators scored against New Mexico State equaled the total they scored in Will Muschamp’s three seasons there. Just kidding. Sort of.

13. Kentucky (1-0) — There are obviously numerous defensive issues that must be resolved. How many? About 479, which is the number of yards accumulated by Louisiana-Lafayette.

14. Vanderbilt (0-1) — How does the old saying go? If you can’t say anything good about somebody, don’t say anything at all? That applies here.

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