Auburn, Oregon to open 2019 season at Cowboys Stadium

12:24 pm Jun. 30, 2015

The stellar non-conference matchups keep coming.

Auburn will play Oregon to open the 2019 season in the Cowboys Classic, a rematch of the 2010 National Championship game, won by the Tigers 22-19.

Here’s the Cowboys Classic games,

Auburn: Who replaces Reese Dismukes at C?

12:19 pm Jun. 5, 2015

Every year, programs must replace key players.

The next three weeks I’ll take a look at 13 SEC programs (Chip Towers and Seth Emerson have UGA covered) and a key player who must be replaced this

Penn Wagers, the SEC official fans love to hate, is retiring

2:36 pm May. 21, 2015

You won’t have Penn Wagers to kick around any more.

One of the most hated men in the SEC has retired, Steve Shaw, the conference’s director of officiating told “The Roundtable” on WJOX 94.5 FM in Birmingham.

Here’s a small sample of what Twitter thinks about Wagers’ decision.

Only in the SEC would retiring referee invoke so much celebration.

Here are just a couple of fans’ issues with Wagers the past few years that